How to set up Crontab on CentOS 7 Linux

This short video will show you how to set up cron jobs on CentOS 7.

Cron is the task scheduler in Linux

Although the Linux distro in this tutorial is CentOS 7, this tutorial should work on most versions of Linux.

We first set up a script that will allow us to test cron.

We then enter cron by running crontab -e.

We then tell cron to run the script every minute of everyday to see if output is generated.

The cron test script, along with the cron examples are available from here:

How to set up Crontab on CentOs7 Linux

And the Cron website that was shown in the tutorial can be found here:

If you encounter any difficulty while following along to this tutorial please do comment below 🙂



  1. Thank you. I was wondering how crontab worked under RHEL/Centos 7.

  2. Excellent video. At 2:40 you said quit the file and at 2:45 you said we quit that. what did you do to come to the command line?
    please always explain every key you press.

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