MX Linux 19.2 Review | Why Is MX Ranked #1 From The Last TWO YEARS? (UNDISPUTED)

MX Linux is one of the most powerful Linux distros today and it’s even ranked #1 on DISTROWATCH. Why has NO other Linux Distro beaten it in the last 2 years? Is MX really that good?
In this video, we’ll be having a deep dive into the newly released MX Linux 19.2.

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It’s a fusion of the solid Debian base and XFCE desktop, which delivers a performance-driven computing experience. I’ve been playing with MX for a long time now, and it’s one of those distros which I highly respect.
And it’s not just me, the number of people using MX has grown significantly in the last couple of years.
It even ranks #1 on Distrowatch.
I am particularly excited to talk about MX tools. These are power tools created exclusively for MX, And they give you much deeper control over what you can do with your operating system. MX Tools make this Linux distro more powerful than anything out there.



  1. I run mint on my laptop and MX on my main, More stable and faster for me. I love it

  2. My Linux box wore MX for a while, until trouble (not MX's fault) took it out. Currently the SSD I replaced the mechanical drive with is Mint. MX was quite good I thought. Manjaro is quite goiod. LinuxMint is fine. So is Linux Lite. The bones are all similar and they have come a long way. Honestly for my uses, these and likely quite a few others would do the job for me. For more technical users and uses some distros will fit better, but as a whole Linux has come a very long way in the last 10 years.

  3. This is not a review, it is an overview. The creator did not show how any of the MX apps work, just kept changing themes and clicking through menus. But more than 300,000 views means it is probably what the people want. They just want to see how it looks and feels before installing it on their desktop. I wish creator would really research the differences of a desktop and clearly showcase them.

  4. I use this distro with i3 as my window manager. I've been distrohopping from Ubuntu to Gentoo, but this distro just works out of the box. That is especially important for my laptop as its from 2008 and lacks the computational power of modern machines. It is somewhat bloated, but that can easily be fixed. 10/10 would recommend to both noobs and power users.

  5. Here in Brazil, I and many people in IT forums, use MX Linux XFCE, because it is based on stable Debian, because it is light and with many tools, example: Samba and etc … detail an ISO, only 1.5 gb. Very good Operational system

  6. A very very average Linux distribution that doesn't warrant all the hype.

  7. Looks dated :/
    Why cant xfce distros look beatiful out of the box like Zorin Lite and manjaro

  8. Doesn't work well with Nvidia G92 graphics cards. I have a old and system with a gts250 graphics card and the built in driver is not stable.

  9. In the comment, no one is talking about Ubuntu 20.04, is it that bad?

  10. once you use a tiled window-manager (i3, ..) you never go back…
    when i see floating windows that can be dragged around, i get deeply revulsed..
    so an unter-way of doing things!

  11. MX Linux is a POS you cant even save when you make files or install a program when you reboot it just disappears tryed to get help from the forem and then when i tryed to get back in the system said i am a spammer these guys have a lot of work to do to make the OS more of a daily driver

  12. I loved this one, but for some reason I wasn't allowed administrative access to my web browser. I couldn't control my own web security. That was a deal breaker. Gonna run Antix on a utility laptop, or persistent USB, to get all the tools.

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